Leny van Elk in De Tuun

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On Sunday August 26th, 2018 the anual Art Fair will be held on the grounds behind Casle Wijchen. For this occasion artist Leny van Elk will be painting in museum garden De Tuun.

After completing her education to become sculptress at the city academy Maastricht and subsequently the academy of forming arts, Leny van Elk focused her work on the fragile art of watercolours, systematically searching the specific qualities of watercolour and the colours that are at its primary bases. She is also a licensed teacher for lessons in drawing en water colouring.

During the Art Fair Leny van Elk, if the weather allows it, will be painting in museum garden De Tuun with some of her students. Also volunteers of the museum will be available to explain which crops grow in the garden.


De Tuun is open from 11.00 h upto 17.00 h . Leny van Elk and her students will be painting from 11.00 h upto approx. 16.00 h.


This day a visit to the De Tuun cost only € 1,00 per person.
If you also visit the museum a visit to De Tuun is included in a museum ticket.




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