Launch digital walk “Roman round Wijchen”

How did Wijchen look in Roman times? How dit people live then? How were people burried? This can be discoverd with the

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From March 8 upto March 16 gereduceerde museumentree

Sunday March 5 is the last day that you can see the exhibition Wijchen and the Dutch Indies. From March 6 we will

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Children’s exhibition “Our own gold”

From April 3 upto April 9 2017 the National Museumweek is happening with the theme “Our real gold”. During this week Museum

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Museum Friday March 17 closed

Due to a private event the museum is closed on Friday March 17, 2017. From Saturday March 18, 2017 the new exhibition

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Donation thrift store “Vraag & Aanbod” 2017

Every year thrift store “Vraag en Aanbod” in Wijchen donates their revenues to charities. The board of “Vraag en Aanbod” has decided

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Museum Sunday February 26 closed

Due to carnaval the museum is closed on Sunday February 26. During the other days of the Springholiday children can do a

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