Workshop calligrahphy


Visit the exhibition “Wijvenwereld”. A surprising outlook on women in the late Middle Ages and get acquainted with the art of calligraphy in aworkshop.

Books were also copied in the Middle Ages. Not by a copy machine, but by a human being, a copyist. Step into the shoes of a copyist and get to work yourself in the calligraphy workshop.

The workshop

Participants learn how to handle a quill pen and ink and a basic font from the Middle Ages is taught. After practicing on plain paper, the text is written on a sheet of handmade paper.

Dates and times

Tuesday January 3, 2023
Tuesday  February 21, 2023
Thursday February 23, 2023

The workshop is continuously on all dates (walk-in) from 13:00-16:00, it is not necessary to sign up.


The workshop is included in a museum ticket, no extra charge.