Remember September: Yad Vashem medal

Beginning September the special paper Remember September has been distributed in Nijmegen en surrounding area. The paper tells the story of WWII focussed on the years 1944-1945: especially Market Garden in relation to frontline and the liberation.

The subjects in the paper concern several historic locations and events in the region.

Yad Vashem medal

In the paper is an article about a special donation to our museum: a Yad Vashem medal with certificate. These are given to none Jews, who have saved Jews selflessly and at risk of their own life. Anton and Marie van der Putten, a couple of Wijchen, have received the medal for taking in a 12 year old boy, Wim van der Sluis (1931-2012), from April upto October 1944.

The family Van der Putten has donated the medal with certificate to Museum Castle Wijchen. The medal and certificate with accompanying story can be seen in our museum upto May 2018.



The Canon of Wijchen

Monday June 26, 2017 the book The Canon of Wijchen. The history of Wijchen in fifty windows has been presented.

The Canon of Wijchen is a view on Wijchen, like the National Canon in 50 windows. It is more than a summing-up of historic events. It links the past to the present and the future. It is a reference book for students, tourists and of course the inhabitants of Wijchen. The Canon is written in Dutch.

Point of sales

The book is available at € 19,95 in our museum, in bookstore Plantage De Kleijn and in the Castle of Hernen.

Cooperation partners

The book has been made possible by Vrienden Museum Kasteel Wijchen, Museum Kasteel Wijchen, Historische Vereniging Tweestromenland, St. Damianusgilde Niftrik, Stichting Het Batenburgs Erfgoed, Heemkundekring Pagus Balgoye, Openbare bibliotheek Wijchen-Beuningen. Museum Kasteel Wijchen verzorgde de uitgave.




Launch digital walk “Roman round Wijchen”

How did Wijchen look in Roman times? How dit people live then? How were people burried? This can be discoverd with the digital walk of 3,5 km in the center of Wijchen. The walk will be launched on Saturday April 22, 2017.

The walk has been developed with with a fund set up by the municipality of Wijchen.

The route

The route starts at castle Wijchen and via the grave field near the mill to the marketplace. In Roman times Wijchen was already a regional center. In the church St. Antonius Abt materials from the Roman era can be seen. From the market the route goes to “De Tienakker” where fragments of a Roman villa have been found. The route ends at castle Wijchen.

How to get the route?

With a museumticket you can receive a QR-code with which you can open the route on your smart phone or tablet. If you cannot open de route with the QR-code our hosts can give you a link.

How does it work?

The route stats at the castle. The image can rotate 360°. By tapping on the several symbols you get more information or a video about the locaction or you can tap to the next location. Please note, that the written information is only in Dutch.


Saturday April 22, 2017 at 14.00 h the walk will be launched during a meeting for guests. After that the QR-code is given with a museumticket.