Remember September: Yad Vashem medal

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Beginning September the special paper Remember September has been distributed in Nijmegen en surrounding area. The paper tells the story of WWII focussed on the years 1944-1945: especially Market Garden in relation to frontline and the liberation.

The subjects in the paper concern several historic locations and events in the region.

Yad Vashem medal

In the paper is an article about a special donation to our museum: a Yad Vashem medal with certificate. These are given to none Jews, who have saved Jews selflessly and at risk of their own life. Anton and Marie van der Putten, a couple of Wijchen, have received the medal for taking in a 12 year old boy, Wim van der Sluis (1931-2012), from April upto October 1944.

The family Van der Putten has donated the medal with certificate to Museum Castle Wijchen. The medal and certificate with accompanying story can be seen in our museum upto May 2018.