Previous exhibitions

Ode to Maas & Waal

From September 12 upto December 13, 2020 Ode to Maas and Waal There are few places in the world where the landscape… Read More

Free! Wijchen remembers ’40-’45

From september 12, 2019 upto August 30, 2020 “Free” tells about WOII from the point of view of inhabitants of Wijchen. With… Read More

Emilia of Orange Nassau. Lady of the Castle in Wijchen

From March 22, 2019 upto February 2, 2020 (From September 12, 2019 only during weekends due to renovation Castle Wijchen) “After his… Read More

Strings & Letters. Making of books in medieval Guelders

From November 18, 2018 upto March 10, 2019 The genenal idea of the middle ages excists of clichés and prejudices, like ‘everybody… Read More

Guards of the North – Romans in Wijchen

From April 28 upto October 28, 2018 The first four centuries the southern part of our country was part of the Roman… Read More

Picturing – Hundred years town halls in Wijchen

From January 28 upto April 15, 2018 In September 2017 the new town hall of Wijchen has been opened. The renovation of… Read More