The Canon of Wijchen

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Monday June 26, 2017 the book The Canon of Wijchen. The history of Wijchen in fifty windows has been presented.

The Canon of Wijchen is a view on Wijchen, like the National Canon in 50 windows. It is more than a summing-up of historic events. It links the past to the present and the future. It is a reference book for students, tourists and of course the inhabitants of Wijchen. The Canon is written in Dutch.

Point of sales

The book is available at € 19,95 in our museum, in bookstore Plantage De Kleijn and in the Castle of Hernen.

Cooperation partners

The book has been made possible by Vrienden Museum Kasteel Wijchen, Museum Kasteel Wijchen, Historische Vereniging Tweestromenland, St. Damianusgilde Niftrik, Stichting Het Batenburgs Erfgoed, Heemkundekring Pagus Balgoye, Openbare bibliotheek Wijchen-Beuningen. Museum Kasteel Wijchen verzorgde de uitgave.