Expected exhibition

From March 8 upto September 8, 2024

‘Gekruid’ – Spicy stories about plants

Plants have a great influence on human life. With the right knowledge about plants you can heal or kill people. Be careful, because if you know exactly how the world of herbs and plants works, you could easily be mistaken for a witch.

In the exhibition ‘Gekruid’, Museum Castle Wijchen tells spicy stories about plants. Stories about the use and abuse of plants, exotic plants and plants through the ages. Once upon a time, you could become filthy rich or go completely bankrupt by purchasing a tulip bulb. And if the supermarket is not around the corner, it is useful to grow your own plants. How did castle residents do this?

Get to know these stories in the museum and crawl into a flesh eating plant for a selfie. Continue your journey of discovery in the museum garden De Tuun. Here you can smell and feel plants and see the plant world come to life.

Step into the wonderful world of plants and look at your own green living environment with different eyes.