Visit the castles of Wijchen with discount

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Wijchen has two beautiful castles, castle Wijchen and Castle Hernen, each with their own past and history. When you visit one of the castles you will receive a voucher which gives a 25% discount on the entrance price of the castle c.q. museum.

Castle Hernen
The first mention of the ‘men of Hernen’ dates from 1247. One century later the location was owned by the family Van Driel and from 1406 till 1646 by the familiy Van Wijhe. Hereafter several families from the south of the Netherlands became owners by inheritance. The last owner (183) was Mrs. A.M. Metelerkamp van Bronkhorstden Tex. Her daughter donated castle Hernen and surrounding garden in 1940 to the Foundation Friends of the Guelders Castles, which was founded that same year.  From 1942 till 1957 the castle has been thoroughly restored. After that also the wood of Hernen and the grounds behind the castle became properties of the foundation. At the end of the sixties the castle was film location for the tv series Floris. Read more.

Castle Wijchen
In spite of its current fairy tale renaissance exterior, Castle Wijchen began life as a defensive tower castle, and has had a number of dramatic moments in its long history. It has also been the backdrop to star-crossed lovers and the home of royalty. A rich history that makes a visit to the castle well worthwhile for the historically minded. Read more.

Visit with discount
If you visit castle Hernen you will receive a voucher which gives 25% discount on the entrance price of Museum Castle Wijchen*. Do you visit Museum Castle Wijchen, then you will receive a voucher which gives you 25% discount on the entrance price of castle Hernen.

* Museum Castle Wijchen is located on the third floor of Castle Wijchen. The castle itself is not freely accesible and can only be visited during (open) guided tours. The discount is for the entrance of the museum.