COLD! About life in the ice age

From May 18, 2023 upto January 7, 2024 The area around Wijchen looked very different during the ice age than it does nowadays. It was bare and cold. It could get down to -50 ˚C. Huge animals such as the woolly rhinoceros and the mammoth lived there, but also smaller animals such as the hyena and the vole. Imagine living among all these animals. Could you hunt a mammoth 10 feet high? What do you do if you suddenly come face to face with a hyena? How do you find food and make fire in the freezing cold? Discover in the exhibition Cold! what the animals looked like in the ice age. How people and animals could survive in harsh conditions. And why the mammoth is extinct and humans are not. Children discover with hands-on elements how you collected food in the ice age. Finding nuts is not as easy as it seems… Life and survival, experience it in the exhibition Cold!