Free! Wijchen remembers ’40-’45

From september 12, 2019 upto August 30, 2020

“Free” tells about WOII from the point of view of inhabitants of Wijchen. With stories from eyewitnesses, specail objects, photos and videos. Wijchen, a refuge for persons in hiding and evacuees. Hiding…it also took place in the Coach House next to Castle Wijchen. Memories of war, personal and local stories about occupation and liberation.

“Free”! is part of the national commemoration and celebration of 75 years liberation, peace and freedom. Learn, experience and discover a period that slowly shifts from “memory’ to ‘history’.

The exibition will we shown in the Coach House of Castle Wijchen. From September 2019 upto April 2020 the exhibition focusses on stories about the war. After April 2020 the exhition focusses on liberation and living in 75 years of freedom.