Guards of the North – Romans in Wijchen

From April 28 upto October 28, 2018

The first four centuries the southern part of our country was part of the Roman Empire. In the second half of the first century, after the Batavian revolt, there was a period with peace (Pax Romana). The Romans built camps en brought peace and quiet.

New cities were built, Ulpia Noviomagus (Nijmegen) and Forum Hadriani (Voorburg), and in the countryside villas were built. The exhibition in our museum  is built around the remainings of such a villa which were found in Wijchen. Who instructed to build this villa? Was it a Roman or a Batavian local?

An impression of the interior of the villa and other wonderful findings can be seen. Furthermore al kinds of findings from graves in the near area of the villa are shown.


This exhibtion has been made possible with thanks to Bureau Leefomgevingskwaliteit/Archeologie Nijmegen, Museum Het Valkhof, Mikko Kriek, Frans Kerstens, de Wijchense Omroep, Tijdlijn Historische Projecten, Museum Park Orientalis en het Thermenmuseum.


Image: impression of the Roman villa at de Tienakker by Mikko Kriek