Harrie Gerritz ‘Signs in the landscape’

From March 20 upto October 30, 2022

“Being an artist means that you are busy working from morning to night, from spring to winter, as a motive of your existence. I do not wait for inspiration. I wake up and think: today I want to experience something! Creating a fine painting for example.”

Harrie Gerritz considers himself to be a landscape painter, however his work does not meet the obvious idea that we have of that. Gerritz’ paintings show the essence of the landscape; during the years his landscapes became more abstract and became more and more views in ones minds.

In the surroundings of Wijchen, where Harrie lives and works, his fascination for the landscape started. In his paintings houses, church towers, rivers, trees and castles, and the sun, the moon, stars and planets play a part. These signs in the landscape can be found in his sculptures, paintings as well as in his grafic work.