Our Castle

February, 1 upto May, 8 2022

Photo exhibition about the renovation and restoration of Castle Wijchen 2020-2021

Wijchen Castle is the pride of Wijchen and its inhabitants. The Renaissance castle with its moat is Wijchen’s historic visiting card, with a building history dating back to the 14th century. The original motte became a castle.

Due to several renovations in the 20th century, little of the original castle was left to experience. A restoration was needed. The 17th century castle was restored to its former splendor in 2020 and 2021. Cracks and subsidence in the castle tower have been repaired and various rooms in the castle have regained their original character. The cellars have been partially deepened and can be visited for the first time. The courtyard has been given a glass roof and hard work has been done ‘behind the scenes’: improved air extraction and sustainable heat regulation. Expensive interventions, but they make a stay in ‘the pearl of Wijchen’ more pleasant.

The work is done now. We are proud of the fantastic result! With the photo exhibition we showed this special process of renovation and renewal. And a book will be published in which the renovation is recorded for current and future generations.

The castle is Our Castle again.