Wijchen makes It! The rise of the modern industry

From March 18, 2017 upto January 14, 2018

Industry is clearly present in Wijchen. Companies like Eromes, Nooteboom, Modderkolk, Vergeest, De Kleijn, Eltink etc. are well known also far from this region. Mid twentieth century the situation was completely different. For centuries the Dutch industry consisted mostly of craft undertakings. This was not different in Wijchen. However Wijchen has grown from a small agricultural village into a region with an industry which operates nationally and internationally.

At first not heavy industries caused economic growth, but the local blacksmith and waggon builder. Family businesses were very important from the start. Finally the industries in Wijchen were expanding: crafts were outdated and one started to engage in new products. The nowadays know industrial areas arose: Wijchen-East, Bijsterhuizen, Breekwagen, Loonse Waard. Mayor Van Thiel, who set up a lot in the late fifties of the last century, would be very pleased if he could see industrial Wijchen of today.

The exhibition shows the rise of the industry. A large number of companies show how they have developped. Unique photos, special industrial objects, books and personal stories illustrate this rise. The latest innovations of modern companies, like the development of a smart ‘plug in’ , can be seen also. Besides modern products also archeological objects illustratie de earliest industrial activities.

Furthermore Toon Peters, the well known artist ToPé from Wijchen shows appealing objects. As an artist he is always looking for the historic connection between human and material. ToPé uses old tools, wood and natural elements. Art meets industry. ToPé will be in our museum on April 17 and May 21 2017 to meet with visitors.



This exhibition has been made possible by:

Banken Champignons, Berko Wijchen, Carrosseriefabriek Martens Wijchen, CLS LED, Drukkerij De Kleijn Wijchen, EromesMarko, Fermacell, Gemeente Wijchen, KNNS Business Solutions, Leidekkers & loodgietersbedrijf Hundertmark, Metaalbedrijf Bernts, Modderkolk Projects & Maintenance, Molenmakers Aannemersbedrijf Coppes, Nooteboom Trailers, Synprodo, Vergeest Metaaltechniek Wijchen, Yoast and several private persons.


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