Wijchen scores. Sports in Words and Images

Shown from March 18 upto September 11 2016

Wijchen is a very sporty community with more than fifty sports clubs on more than 40.000 inhabitants. Therefore the big sports events in 2016 did not go unnoticed. Early July the National Games of the Special Olympics took place. Every year the 4 days Marches of Nijmegen pass through Wijchen, in 2016 for the hundreth time. Also de Giro d’Italia passed through Wijchen.


Museum Castle Wijchen seized the sporty year 2016 to show where the passion for sports comes from and to which this can lead. Sports is all about preperation, moments, maximum effort and then…..the performance has been done. What remain are the stories. Stories about prizes, games, club life, love for this particular sport or club.


The passionate stories of cherished objects that go with stories, were shown in the exhibition Wijchen scores. Sport in images and words. Sports clubs told their stories. Also top athletes from Wijchen and surrounding area told about their sport and what that Olympic medal, that outfit or their bike means to them. Even the bar of the club could be visited for ‘the third halve’.