Wijchen village tour

Walk through the history of Wijchen with our guides.

Wijchen has a rich history and has developed from a farming village to a place with amenities as it is today. The walk passes historic sites in the center of Wijchen that tell stories from Roman times to the 21st century. With striking residents and many traditions.

Practical information

The walk starts and ends at Castle Wijchen and lasts 75 minutes.

The price for the village tour from 7 people is € 5.50 per adult and € 3.50 per child aged 4 to 18 years.
Minimum 6 people. (For 1-6 people, 6 people will be charged. )
Maximum 15 people per guide. Multiple guides are used for more than 15 people.


Book on time. Request the tour at least 3 weeks before your visit via this form.

Request for Wijchen village tour

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